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un|still is an image based web project launched in 1999. The selection of

images displayed is connected to the performing arts and focuses on the

perception of single moments. The photographic work aims at exploring the story behind any given moment in time and communicating it in a perceivable way. My life as a dance performer brought me closer to the awareness of the presence as a pivotal point for all action. Falling without knowing what comes after means to enter new territory and perceive the environment in a different light, ideally through the eyes of a child. The present version of un|still puts images into perspective. It combines different visual layers that relate to or interact with each other and the notion of time. Each image series displays an ongoing process or story telling, the user is encouraged to alternate the pace and adjust the given settings. Further updates aim at giving the user additional control on the selection of pictures and ways of interaction. un|still is to be considered a work in progress and welcomes any form of collaboration.