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fleetingness is a symptom of digital times. driven too far, it enhances the state of transition to an extent letting content in all its capacity and meaning disapper even faster than time would suggest.

the original material forming the visual basis of TV_beauty and TV_infinity are found photos shot in austria, tibet and arizona by rod samonte and other photographers. All of them caught the beauty of very different landscapes in an amazing way - exclusively focusing on the beauty of natural phenomenae and scenes out of very different cultures. the shots show mountain views, horses, tibetan and chinese citizens as well as buddhist tangkas.

within each of the looping movies, a standard graphic filter transforms all individual shots into the same image, still containing all the individual beauty of the original images and at the same time taking on an uni - form look not suggesting to the user at all that each of the individual images looks exactly like the other, but letting the user - without any doubt - imagine that all the images are only one, always being the same, one having turned completely into the other one, being exactly the other one without showing any hint to a reality that actually is very different.

TV_bulotu and TV_fate were created together and are based on private photos showing bobo the cat on a woolen blanket crochetted by a mother, thus forming a symbol of homeland.

TV_fate tells the story of an accident which could have been avoided but could not be avoided. A black cat named bobo was chasing a fly and merrily jumped high up in the air, had to come down and in a split second stumbled over flowers on a window bench. It got scared without having the chance to turn back, fell from a 4th floor, gave in to the jump, trying to land on its feet, hit an old iron bar with its head. It still tried to survive out of love for its brother and mom for a night and a day until it died all alone, in a cage and in pain.

following a description of bulotu being a beautiful island in the south pacific where animals / plants / and rich souls live happily and can be seen by those few travellers who - in the imagination of the tongan people only through the will of a mighty power - by accident - manage to reach there, TV_bulotu was created as a piece trusting the beauty of life and death and at the same time never forgetting the question whether something like heaven could be more than a condition forming maya.