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Trilogy is comprised of 3 image/text narratives whose themes are concerned with survival. Locale and characters are suggested by cropped fragments from mass media imagery as well as map fragments. While the images may allude to time period by photographic style or content,their function (protagonist, action, location) is directed by the text.

Trilogy is a collaboration with Los Angeles fiction writers Rod Moore and Kathrine Haake, both of whom have allowed me to reconfigure their texts in in considering how narrative unfolds, how one interprets imagery, how language alters this interpretation and how the gaps between the two become an unspoken and influential voice as well.

I have been working with language-image relationships and narrative sequence since a graduate student at California Institute of the Arts (1980), where I specialized in photographic image/text installations and bookworks. My work exists as prints (diptychs, installations, double-page spreads), book form, as well as in billboard and web site.

My interest in digital technology stemmed initially from the ease with which text and image could be combined using the computer rather than through darkroom practice, as well as my need, as an instructor of photography to explore new modes intersecting photographic expression.

As a result of exploring digital manipulation I began to look at the intersection of language and image within the context of the web. (random readings (1995), no memory (1996), random profiles (1997), exile (1997),

hens, cows, canoes/wallpaper (2000), trilogy (2001).