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Serial killers are part of our daily lives. If the phenomenon of serial killing itself is not new, then certainly our awareness of its existence is. In fact, serial killers have become one of the major determining factors of the 20th century, and it appears that they continue to be so in the 21st century.

'Trapped' is largely based on direct quotations from serial killers. Our dismay and fascination towards the enigma and complexity of the human psyche that creates this phenomenon is what holds this site together.

The site is composed of my own image materials and sampled materials from other sites on the Internet. Texts and citations are taken from Internet Crime Archives ( The pictures of serial killers and victims are sampled from various associated sites on the Internet. The blending of my own images with images of others is a method specifically chosen for this site to recreate the reality that we are all entwined in human society - the very subject of 'Trapped.'