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Can the Internet be exhibited?

24 hous a day search engines seek pictures on the internet. "Timescape" presents a glimpse into these searches as they happen, in real time.

The Timescape landscapes appear as fleeting electronic canvases through an accumulation of random photographic mosaics.

The contents of the landscapes are different with every new connection and each time the page is refreshed. According to the time of day, a generic grid will's up to the user to define the elements in the matrix.

Appropriation and distraction come into play in this project, there is little if any interactivity involved. Observation and contemplation are paramount; watching the evolution of a landscape as it contructs itself. Occasionally the flux of images will be punctuated by an error window further reducing the interactivty of the experience.

This "Real-Time Landscape" refreshes itself each hour. The entire "Timescape" tableaux is replaced with new images emphasizing the ephemeral nature of the actual landscape you find yourself in.