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( the photographic-diary project )

Experimental journal gathering more than 60,000 photographs, from April 12, 2001 to April 12, 2002, in an interactive form of which a preview is available in the website's "Preview" section. --- Intimate doesn't mean narcissism --- This creation is a private diary of a human being. Phototgraphy is employed as a revelatory medium, making legible and visible things which are not: feelings, thoughts and obsessions of being. This photographic project is the testimonial of human experience. It is not a matter of mirror but of significance. --- Living creation, testimonial of reality and virtuality of human --- The staging restores a changing atmosphere animated by things of an invisible nature, like a journey in apnea where virtual memory becomes fragmented by thoughts which witness a human reality where references are confused by the exhilaration of memories; this diary is the aftermath of a 366 days experience.