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The Bomb Project

The Bomb Project is the result of online image research initially done for

a series of paintings of Cold War era U.S. nuclear tests. It went online

in rudimentary form in Spring 2000, and has gradually been upgraded and

organized into a comprehensive compendium of nuclear-related links. The

Bomb Project is intended specifically as a resource for artists working

in all media, from, film and video, eco-intervention and

site-specific installation, to more traditional forms of art and

agitprop. It includes raw material, such as still and moving declassified

imagery, as well as government documents and treaties, divergent claims,

political opinion, and a news feed with links to articles and current

events. It offers both the industry's and alternative/activist points of

view, as well as original declassified files and graphic documentation

produced by the nuclear industry itself, providing a context for

comparative study, analysis and creativity.