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Tenderly Yours

Tenderly Yours resituates the personal, casual and ambiguous approach of French new wave cinema in a net art narrative that explores love, loss and memory.

The story is recited by a striking and illustrious persona, who moves through the city with her lover. Her willful independence is intoxicating, though her sense of self is ambiguous and a fear of intimacy consuming. Then, one day she suddenly disappears. Her lover is left bewildered and is posed to question whether she is a fiction, who fades with every passing recollection. At this moment, her face reappears only to be united with that of a movie actress, whose striking resemblance further questions the certainty of her existence.

Here we encounter a series of filmic 'doubles', of French new wave cinema rendered as net art and in turn, of net art as cinema. Furthermore, there is a doubling of realization, of love at once found but then gone, and of the real and imagined states of loss.