Tiija is a weblog created to put together works that we published over two years on Rhizome_Raw. These were mainly serial works: "brackets", "short stories", "art for beginners", etc. Our decision to make these series inspired by events in our private life ('Place For Baby'), a reaction to restrictions on publishing images on Rhizome_Raw ("brackets"), a comment on discussions on Rhizome_Raw ("Deconstruction" was in honor of texts about Derida), or we just followed something we find attractive as visual (arte-)facts ("Practical handbook"). All the works on this blog were made without knowing what the next step would be, it was something closer to an impulsive reaction, different to our earlier way of working. We made some changes to the work to reflect the specific qualities of the weblog as a medium. We even made some additions: adding "Place for B" to contextualize the main idea of "Place for Baby". Our decision to make a pure image blog, without text, was an attempt to make the whole thing more phenomenological, explanations on this kind of rhythm will be disturbing (IMO). We found an interesting difference between the emotion we had when one of these images appear on Rhizome_Raw, and the almost clerk-like feeling of arranging the images on the blog. Both experiences were precious for us, and both were in their own way instructive.