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NOUMINA presents a story, an abstract narrative, a cinematic journey through the cosmos. From a twinkly gaze at the stars, we are confronted with a presence, a geometric object, and are taken on a journey to its domain.

Through super hi-resolution images of the Universe, the participant experiences multi-dimensional layers, geometric viewports to other-worldly realities.

Accompanied by a hypnotic original score, the piece swoons and arcs over multiple moods and territories, finishing back at our home world, again at the gaze of ever-distant night stars.

2010 marks the 20th anniversary of the Hubble, the world's first orbiting space telescope. 'Noumina' presents our current visual rendering of the Universe via high-quality satellite imagery from NASA, and video improvisations from the open-source planetarium software Stellarium. Framed within alternate polygonal layers, the project attunes with the lineage of expanded cinema, and pays homage to the successes of astronomy thus far.

NOUMINA is part of an ongoing series of cinematic explorations of the Other, both formally and in its representation as alien encounter. An ambient audio-visual installation in high-definition exploring open-source imagery and technologies from NASA, the planetarium software Stellarium, and cinematic score.

Noumina is a cosmic tour led via a triangular host, to an immersive place, a dissection of space-time - a communion with the Other, and a journey home.