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A series of image text flash experiments. NomadLingo is an experimental poetic playground devoted to exploring mobile-text artwork. It is now possible for words to mutate into other words, flow in flocks, modulate in size and colour, overlap, fade, spin, fold, roll, shake, & bump etc...Profound signifiactions develop as words are animated in ways that humans associate visually with living organisms. The overall aim of NomadLingo is to explore and contribute to the evolution of mobile text and facilitate thru provocation the growth of a new way of reading writing. A way of reading that accurately reflects the fluid metamorphic and nomadic levels of all energy as it continually reconstructs form. NomadLingo was created (and updated monthly over a one-year period from April 1, 2000 - April 1, 2001) by Jhave: a nomadic artist who had temporarily settled down physically in Montr