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I am drawn to the way words converge, how they bump against each other, deflect or intertwine. This is, perhaps, the danger I so often fend off in my own writing, is also perhaps why I have spent so many years of my professional life with typography. "Neighborhood" is a series of programming-based automatic writing pieces exploring this fascination, the poetic interrelation of letters and words, the intrinsic and metaphoric connections that attach language to itself.

Whether drawing from a database of textual fragments or responding to unique user-input, each piece in the "Neighborhood" suite responds with its own linguistic accompaniment, extending each letter with a word, creating a field of its own communicative construction that floats beneath and between the given input, altering and adjusting it with each new addition.

As each piece in the "Neighborhood" series is tied to a number, it has the entire array of words in the English language with that many characters. With that single constraint, "Neighborhood" explores the simultaneously discreet and wedded pieces that constitute a language.