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les huit quartiers du sommeil

I moved to Montréal on the night train. I've lived in eight neighbourhoods since and each has had a different quality of sleep. There are eight hours for sleeping in. There are four quarters in an hour. There are many more quarters in a city. Some quarters never sleep, or so they say. Others seem to be built for dreaming in. These are les huit quartiers du sommeil de Montréal - 1990-2006: Car Crash Sleep, Bamboo Blind Sleep, Waterbed Sleep, Louvered Door Sleep, Purple Parakeet Sleep, Break and Enter Sleep, Gondola Sleep and Greek Sleep.

There are a number of ways to find these neighbourhoods of sleep. You can take the night train to Montréal (warning: this method may take 16 years). You can do a Google Maps search for "J. R. Carpenter les huit quartiers du sommeil de Montreal 1990-2006" and view user generated content (warning: this method may return variable results). Or you can follow the direct link to the Google Map of les huit quartiers du sommeil here:

I wrote the text of les huit quartiers du sommeil at Yaddo January-February 2007 and built the Google Maps and HTML versions in Montréal May-July 2007. The aerial photographs are totally copyright Google Earth. The other images were found using Google Images and then altered using Photoshop filters until they looked like something I would do. Except for the street maps, those I drew by hand as you can probably tell. Thanks in advance to Google Maps for having a sense of humour. Merci Daniel Canty, everyone at Yaddo, Sandra Dametto, Michael Boyce, Lisa Vinebaum and Stéphane Vermette.