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Leonardo Log

"Leonardo Log" is a browser-based application, consisting of two components: a Hub and a Log. Upon start-up, visitors have to set up the application: first, the Exit window (which closes "Leonardo Log" at any time), then the Log and finally a node within the Hub. From the Hub six animation sequences can be opened, that transmit text to the Log. This resulting 'poem' can be sent as eMail from the Log and be used for further textual changes, simple archiving or as a further reference point amidst existential confusion.

With this work, I wanted to extend the use of fragmented browser windows as a formal and visual means to break apart narrative sequences. Although a continuation of my idea of sculptural form in net art, "Leonardo Log" focusses more on the sequential elements. Parallel windows and sub-windows open briefly as complementary forms to the main image sequence, layered on one screen. This visual device is browser specific, impossible with any other structure of single screen moving images.

PHP Programming by Oliver B