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Lee Marvin Toolbox

Awarded the Kunstpreis des Medienforums Muenchen in 2001. The "Lee Marvin Toolbox" contains nine imaginary tools for organising existence: "Confrontation Fence", "Corner Plug", "Decision Clapper", "Existence Sirene", "Hand Rope", "Pleasurefield", "Pointpole", "Sheltering Skin", "Viewing Point". These tools are described in a Handbook and complementary animations. As soundtrack plays a cover version of the song "Wandering Star" sung by the artist (originally sung by Lee Marvin in the Western Comedy "Paint your Wagon", 1969). On opening, a small window offers a choice to click either 'Lee' or 'Marvin'. Clicking 'Marvin' eventually takes the user to a 'Handbook'. Animations will open in new windows when the title, or the word details, is clicked. All the works components are downloadable for free as MP3, PDF or Projector files from a storage space which will be reached following 'Lee' or clicking 'Storage' in the 'Handbook'. "Lee Marvin Toolbox" is constructed in various small JavaScript windows, which form a graphic pattern on the screen, and avoid the browser interface. "Lee Marvin Toolbox" works best on Internet Eplorer.