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Last Meal Requested

Last Meal Requested

Last Meal Requested investigates our human history through three incidents of the last 15 years - the Halabja massacre of 1988, the beating-up of Rodney King in 1992, and the public execution of a woman in Taliban-Afghanistan in 2001. The images from these three incidents are put under the light of historical context, thus juxtaposing our present with our past. At the same time the voices taken from various documentaries intermingle with them, offering personal perspectives on those social conditions. By so doing, Last Meal Requested plays with two poles on two different levels - the past/ the present, the society/ the individual.

My interest in creating Last Meal Requested has been to address our human behaviours within the context of complexities formed by our history and society: how our past affects our present, finds its way into the individual minds that together form society, which eventually succeeds in the fatal destruction of individual human beings.

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