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created for NetArt01 Festival (Brixton), & exhibited in Cinemania[c] (Pula, Croatia) and FreeManifesta (Berlin 2002).

April 13, 2002 was the last night that the twin beams of light near the World Trade Center/Ground Zero site were on display. On every other night, the lights were turned off at midnight. On the final night (the night of April 12/morning of April 13), the lights were left on until morning. Between 1:43am and 2:51am I took a series of digital photographs in a loop around Manhattan, driving directly by the light generator and then walking back up through and around the lights. The resulting presentation, assembled in line with Eryk Salvaggio's "Six Rules for Internet Art" (to many of which the artist had already been adhering as good working principles), resembles a "traditional" photo album, but responds to user interaction with unexpected behaviors that provide cultural and textual refractions on the sequence of images.