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iPhone live

I, Johannes P Osterhoff, shall do another one-year performance piece. The piece is called "iPhone live" and documents the activities performed on my mobile phone during this year. Activities can be seen streamed on and during public projections. The performance shall start on June 29, 2012 and shall end on June 29, 2013. I shall not use other mobile phones during this year.

For this performance, I additionally installed two shell scripts on my jailbroken iPhone. The first one duplicates each screenshot so that the files cannot be overwritten the next time the app is minimized. And the second one uploads these screens automatically to this site and publishes them. Interface artist Johannes P Osterhoff publishes everything he does on his iPhone as a live stream of screenshots on the web. The performance is called "iPhone live" and started on June 29 2012, the iPhone's 5th anniversary. To make this live stream possible Osterhoff had to jailbreak his device. He uses screenshots the iPhone automatically makes when he presses the home button.

These programs are executed regularly in the background by means of launch demons facilitating the live stream.