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HTC1.0 blends science fiction, nonfiction, and theory to explore the possibilities of networked hypertext by blurring the boundaries between the writer/narrator and reader. Amerika argued that these new fluid roles ("cyborg-narrators") could give rise to a kind of "hypertextual consciousness" (HTC) in which discourses could evolve on the network without the control of a traditional author.

The texts appear in short excerpts against a yellow backdrop. McLuhanesque aphorisms ("The zeitgeist is being telecommunicated to us like never before") are interwoven with short dialogues that read like a cyberpunk Waiting for Godot. At other moments, the text offers specific, concrete descriptions of the hypertext experience, such as: "A hypertextual viewing style would be one where the reader/participant (co-conspirator) actively clicks their way into new writing or textual spaces (at this point we would expand the concept of writing to include all manner of text, graphics, moving pictures, sound, animation, 3-D modeling, etc.)." As a work that is at once art and theory, HTC1.0 both creates and reflects on this viewing style.