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Heard an Experimenta Commission by Rhys Turner & Melissa Ramos

Heard is an interactive artwork exploring cultural and social views through sophisticated tracking technology in virtual as well as physical space. This work explores ideas around online social networking environments and how the proliferation of these spaces effect the way by which people relate and interact with one another.

The artwork invites audiences to wear a wireless digital headpiece and 'become' one of the characters they see on screen. They then physically explore the installation space as well as a virtual environment, which is projected onto the wall in front of them. As they walk around the space, they listen to the musings of the character they have chosen to 'become': a little girl, an elderly lady or a young doctor. These characters (through a pre-recorded script created by writers each assuming one of the characters) reflect upon their ideals, values, hopes and dreams. The whimsical exchange between characters is based on everyday moments and activities. When there is more than one person in the space, a conversation between characters is triggered when people approach one another. This conversation can be heard through the headpieces as well as seen in text that appears on the projected screen.

Brood Box

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Fri 12/02/2010 - Opening Night from 6pm

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