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In modern society, the graphite is one of the artistic expressions of the big cities. The project that I've been developing is based in the Hip Hop culture and the generative art. It works with the programming language as a graphite artist would work with spray or a DJ with the sound. The Gr@fite project abuses of this culture material, exploring the potential of the digital generative art and its possibilities, constructing a sonorous poetical experimentation and is visually interactive. This is another way to express the multiple markets already existing of the sonorous visual expression. Gr@fite is a reactive, generative and interactive use of the software, where the applications figure as an amusement, a game where the user enters, and the rules are given so the user can make its choices of action. Depending on the objects chosen and the interaction of the user, he can be either a graphite artist or a DJ. Perhaps the most original characteristic of this interactive experimentation is that it allows that the emergent phenomena are considered. An emergent phenomenon cannot be foreseen, nor can it be entirely explained or simply moved away. The emergent phenomena are, over all those that cannot be foreseen by the behavior of its components. They happen as successful, unexpected mutations. The interactive generative art of Gr@fite favors the surprises of the events that can or not be controlled.