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Sterling Crispin

greek new media shit was created in april 2011 to 'take a piss' at what I saw as an emerging trend in new media art. Hellinistic greco-roman references had become an almost prepackaged model of artmaking, especially among new media work, and at the time I had not seen anyone really addressing it as an emerging or existing trend.

I wanted to expose something that I saw happening, and at first it was very tongue & cheek, which I think the name of the blog makes clear, but it has become something else. I have had numerous submissions & suggestions from people interested in watching the blog act as a catalog or archive of this sort of work. It's been very strange to me watching the blog change & unfold. It started as a criticism of a cliche that i identified but has started self-perpetuating, and canonizing the idea that this is a style or mode that's not only available to artists but perhaps desirable.

In general i think the work is usually a sort of reference to the timelessness & idealized beauty and forms that the greeks sought to capture, and how those qualities are analogous to the virtual reality that comprises the internet and our technology. an ongoing tumblr blog of curated works regarding henelistic and greco-roman references within new media art. Greek New Media Shit is a tumblr blog started in april of 2011 to highlight, collect, catalogue, and critique a trend that the artist perceived of henelistic and greco-roman references within new media art, and the net art community.