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Good Listeners

A spiritual browser plugin visualizing the (forced) confessions obtained by divine web trackers We're Open Source

While the lord may be hidden from us his guidance and his code are as transparent and clear as the sunshine. Peak under the robes of our CrossRider powered browser extension and see whether the good priest is indeed holding a cross and it's not because he's just happy to see you. The code is released under the MIT open source license which means you are welcomed to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.

As for our privacy policy, we do not collect or use your data in any way other than to serve & update the plugin and we are working hard to optimize it so that eventually no network calls will be made on its behalf.

If you run into issues you can report them here or better, if you write an improvement patch, we'd love to welcome you and your code into the lord's tent.

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