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Evidência #001

Evidência takes as its starting point, an ending; a forensic space, a place in which remains and material take on new significance. From the objects and images, there are no definite conclusions, no clear narratives, just the threads of something that could have happened. The viewer is invited in, but in doing so enters the scene to witness part... of a crime, a conflict, a game?

Evidência #001 is an installation work at the Quadrum Gallery in Lisbon. The work is a (re)construction of a forensic space, a small plot of land which is at once the scene of a crime and a fragment of a first person shooter videogame made 'real'. As a forensic space, it becomes a clipping, a piece of evidence removed from its original surroundings, as a games space, it is a trope, a snapshot of a brief violent action that would be lost as the player moves on to the next encounter.