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Christopher Bauder

electric moOns

electric moOns /// interactive balloon ballet

100 white balloons are floating in space like molecules of an atom. They are moving up and down slowly and graceful. Like threedimensional pixels arranged in a 10x10 grid, they altogether shape a larger superior form. The floating spheres are representing threedimensional digital data sets in a dynamic display sculpture composed of physical particles.

Synchronized movement and lighting effects are the components of this interactive balloon ballet. The user can control movement and lighting of each balloon independently from a screen based interface to telecommand the balloon ballet in sync to a chosen musical piece. Complex 3D shapes and patterns can be blended with an overlay of supporting or counteracting light animations.

The "electric moOns" installation consists of 100 heliumfilled balloons. Each balloon is attached to a thin cable. The length of the cable and thus the floating hight of every balloon can be adjusted stepless with a cable winch from 0-5 meters. Additionally each balloon is lit from inside with dimmable superbright LEDs. The 100 balloon voxels (volume pixels) are arranged in a 10x10 square (8x8 meters).

The "electric moOns" installation is probably the worlds largest physical 3D display.