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DUMP is a work about abstract language. Communication which pretends to say something, but does not. The substance seams meaningless and incomprehensible. The work interconnects abstract spam-mails text with schizophasia, an disorganized speech characteristic of schizophrenia.

In the psychotic disorder of schiziphrenia, the ability to filter and process information is disturbed. Our brain normally acts as a filter for information from the senses, helping the brain pick out which nerve messages are important. A breakdown in this filter might lead to "information overload" - and contribute to the confusion often experienced by schizophrenics.

DUMP uses visual and auditiv technics to build up a situation like it can be provoked by such a brain disfuntion. The the text blocks used in the work are exlusively spam-mails, which in formal are rarely different from the speech of schizophasia. DUMP is a work about empty communication, about void signs, abstract language and incoherent speech, about information overload and repetition, about confused tattle, inapprehensible word salad, thoughts going nowhere, language going everywhere, splitter, fragments, a communication of refusal.

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