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Don't Sue Chris Reilly Campaign

Chris Reilly is a prominent Chicago-based visual artist who has established a successful artistic practice that relies on the exclusive use of found images and photographs. Many of these images come from unauthorized or copyrighted sources such as homepages, stock photo catalogs, and the houses of friends and family.

While there has been no litigation thus far against Chris Reilly or any of his respective artwork, the Don't Sue Chris Reilly Campaign feels that, considering the current legal and political climates, there is a threat significant enough to Chris Reilly's continued practice to warrant preemptive action. Other prominent contemporaries of Chris Reilly including Jeff Koons and Barbara Kruger have already undergone similar litigation in response to their artistic practices. And through a comprehensive public relations blitzkrieg of print and web advertisement, press releases, and direct contact with potential plaintiffs, the Don't Sue Chris Reilly Campaign has managed to stave off the impending flood of litigation against Chris Reilly...for now.