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Now the emergence of new working methods required an expansion of the functions of drawing, the character of a computerscreen as a support and D_RAW as a drawing instrument encouraged flexibility and inventiveness.

"D_RAW" features some different tools that allow user to explore different ways how "D_RAW" behave and you will soon realize you never draw the same picture twice.

Each of the small drawings are made with the movements we are all familiar with in our everyday work using the computer mouse. All the "D_RAWINGS" will be done in real-time. If you make a mistake then you have to start again.

As it is an computer-art application the artistic activity will be executed by the person using "D_RAW". In effect, this brings some questions regarding authorship and authenticity of digital artworks.

When you use "D_RAW" you interact with the author of this digital drawing instrument. "D_Raw" adds graphic elements determinated by his author/programmer. In the End the final product (D_RAWING) will be produced in collaboration with Mario Hergueta. Finally D_RAW is art-"shareware".