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CO2nscience - Second Life

The possibility of an art that encloses the theoretical horizon, the innumerable intentions and the social context, still with an independent and private symbolic space, where aesthetic, cultural and social objects can be ranks in confrontation are the great desire of researcher in the technological art.

The platform of open code in the Second Life, allows cultural and social interchanges, increases the malleability of the individuals, through the net of information that consequently will bring a change in the artistic experimentation contemporary.


Bourriaud, Nicolas, Estética relacional. Adriana Hidalgo EditoraS.A, 2006 Córdoba, Argentina

Michel Certeau, La invención de lo cotidiano, I: las artes de hacer, - Universidade Iberoamericana, México, 1999

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Galeria Noema em DigitalHall (66,205,21),207,21)

A space to cover, to try and to be together for a new type of art that works the subjectivity and the collective elaboration of the direction.

The art in the SL, prepares for a future next, a world of innumerable possibilities abandoning and reconstituted another space inhabited for the humanity until today. We learn to inhabit a world that follows daily pay-conceived ideas of the real world, but where new models of action now can be created by the art. Using the expression of Michel Certeau, we are lodgers of the culture, in the cultural recycling, the invention of the daily one and the organization of the time.

In the Second Life, new modalities of subjectivity if create through the creative possibilities of objects, images and sounds, creative tools to invent new relations with the body, the time, the information of thoughts and behaviors. The art of today can be understood as a work process, a production way that soon that the public reaches, immediately becomes a collective of interator and creator. We affirm now , the public loses its quality of being that one that he looks at, today it starts to have a paper in the accomplishment of the workmanship, existing more space between workmanship and does not publish. We are in the time of the manipulation, the taking of decisions and in the complementation of the technological workmanship. The aura of the work of art disappears according to Walter Benjamin. We work with aesthetic a relationary one.

In this environment, the concept of Mijail Bajtin, if reaffirms. For it "does not exist limit between author and spectator when the expression material if converts formal into creative material".

In a similar way that Peter Weibel affirms about the screen of the monitor its looks like as a sponge, space without limits between the action and the interaction. Space of transference, conscientious of accomplishment of the workmanship, as an aesthetic osmosis through the material, that works for personal account, if also disclosing as a plan of concepts and methods, as a hybrid zone. Second Life platform provides a land of privileged experience.

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