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chaos about vesta's coat

Work inspired by a friend of mine's coat. The first version mimics the rectangular pattern of the coat. The appearing/ disappearing colored rectangles have to do with the almost invisibility of the ones on the coat. I positioned them on the surface by means of a chaos formula introduced to paint rectangles and put this method into an infinite loop. The other two variations are not very close to the model [which, of course, was not the goal not even in the first version] but rather different ways of thinking the same visual [artistic] problem as I've been doing in my former works.

Work needs java and javascript enabled. It has been made with Java 1.3.1

I have it tested on Linux with Netscape Navigator and Windows Me and XP with both Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer and I know it works on some Mac but perhaps it may have some problem on the last one. If you experience any problem please write to: