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Atmospheric Pollution

Atmospheric pollution

It is a display about anthropogenic contaminants issued to our atmosphere. Through an interactive schematic model is represented the atmospheric space phenomenon as well as the chemical and Physics events, representing a dynamically link between pollutants and their effects on the planet health and the people who inhabit it.

The structure of the display is composed with two navigation menus: The first one explores the atmospheric layers and the second displayed the anthropogenic residues, simulating its behavior. The descriptive information of each segment appears in a dynamic way when the cursor detects its transit. We seek the user visualize the dimension of the protective layer of the atmosphere and the effects of human intervention in it.

The urgent problems of environmental pollution at present time like the destruction of the ozone layer, global warming and quality air in the cities, among others, are directly related to industrial activity and the laws of the countries to regulate such activities . Most of the pollution is generated by industrialized countries of the northern hemisphere, including USA, the most industrialize country that produces more pollution in the world and has withdrawn from the Kyoto Protocol. More than 10 years ago we are trying to reach international agreements to reduce emissions of polluting gases, unfortunately lack of awareness, the orthodox applications of the capitalist economy and international elite geo-strategies policies have block international agreements, hurting the environment in which we live all.

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