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Any Wall

Any Wall

This piece speculates on a possible replacement for Sol LeWitt's draftsperson

with a web application for his wall drawings, a simple experiment in viewer

directed art.

This is a parody of the original concept of the wall drawing.

This is not a wall drawing.

This is not art by Sol LeWitt.

You are not Sol LeWitt if you choose to execute this.

This JAVA applet is not Sol LeWitt.

You are the artist.

Imagine an additional button that could send you a printed copy of the drawing

you generated, size and payment to be determined.

Imagine if such a web page could drive a real-time display the size of an

actual wall or room. Changes to the wall could be presented from all over

the world at some time interval. A send button would be added to queue the

next arrangement.

Or imagine if the wall is covered with a future version of digital vinyl or

digital ink technology turned into a digital paint.

Is Sol LeWitt's "machine for art" now complete?