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amorphoscapes I. Online Generative artworks 1997

AMORPHOSCAPES moves away from "linear" pieces into a more non linear and interactive experience giving the audience some control over the artwork. AMORPHOSCAPES allows you to experience different artworks depending on how you choose to navigate. As well as this non linearity, some of the pieces change over time. Evolving pieces exist, that the "user" has to control of and makes them work by movement., The user also can input changes of sound and picture. This change in the relationship between the audience and the artist changes our perception of the artwork. It is this concept of the individual functioning simultaneously as 'producer and consumer' that underpins the nature of AMORPHISMS. The user can choose what they experience. Amorphoscapes are audio visual generative digital paintings. In the future to be projected, onto buildings on clothes and on cars . They incorporate user defined areas. Users can control the sounds and pictures and change their amorphoscapes when they get bored with them. Or watch them change themselves, on your plasma canvas wall.
They are audio visual paintings, and can be installed into 'real' environments, were the movement of people in the room or gallery triggers the interactivity within the work.