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A New Kind Of Cinema

This project synthesizes my interests in technology, art and media: Testing simples rules, and using a single image as an point of inspiration, a movie-creating program will generate a film that is chosen out of a tested batch of 1000s of randomly generated films.

Mathematica is used to create short animations (directly exported as AVI or QuickTime files) by attempting to generate a two-dimensionsal form that matches an inputted image; afterwhich, the 'approximated' form seamlessly evolves into the target image. Forms are generated from the evolution of a single black cell in order to approximate a target image.

This project streamlines the creation of a seamless animation based upon the input of an image and a specified search size that is to be explored. Fourier and Compression methods are used as a metric in order to select the rule which generates a form that is most similar to a target image's Fourier transform and compression size. After selecting an optimized rule, a complete animation is generated, which begins with a single black cell and ends with the target image.