Year created:


a bedtime story

"a bedtime story" was a performance where the artist told a bedtime story to everyone who would like to hear one.

these were the instructions to participate:

1- how to participate:

please send an email to or call 07964291286 to schedule the date and the time when you would like to hear your story. you can choose if the story is told to you in english or portuguese.

2- what you should do:

- please listen to the story in the dark, and if possible in a comfortable place or in bed.

- we will be using skype, with no image just voice.

- please don't forget to send me your skype name.

- if you don't have skype, please download it:

- each performance will have as maximum time 30 minutes, and can be stopped at all times if the participant or the artist feels the situation is no longer comfortable.


- there is an implicit degree of mutual trust and discreetness, as you might actually fall asleep.

- the performance will not be recorded.

- the participant can interact with the artist at any moment, and all is improvised (except the choice of the story). we can never guess the outcome of each performance, because the story may just be a motive.