Kari Altmann

Kari Altmann is a wifi-based artist currently on the east coast of the U.S. Identities include R-U-In?S, Blackmoth.org, and Ttoshibaa, among many others. She received a BFA from MICA in 2008 and exhibits in a range of platforms and formats, from "print to real life" gallery showrooms and stages to filesharing cloud communes, 3D simulated spaces like Chrystal Gallery at Gentili Apri, and editorial platforms like DIS Magazine. Recent presentations include Global Art Forum Six at Art Dubai 2012 in collaboration with Ayshay, Motion at Seventeen Gallery in London, and Collect the WWWorld at House for Electronic Arts in Basel.

With a current interest in algorithms, art direction, and the mutation that occurs as things travel through systems of production and exchange, her practice involves tracking her work through various mistranslations, mergers, versions, and material state changes.