Rhizome Today: Tilia americana


New work by Megan Rooney
This is Rhizome Today for Thursday, October 30, 2014
Rhizome Today is an experiment in ephemeral blogging: a series of posts that are written hastily in response to current events, and taken offline within a day or so. The latest post can always be found at rhizome.org/today. 
Tilia americana is a new work by Megan Rooney, launched today on Opening Times. (For those uninitiated, Opening Times is a non-profit digital platform commissioning new artworks to be viewed online. It also hosts reading lists, research, residencies, and screenings.)
Rooney's slow, dreamy but deliberate voiceover sets a tone between listlessness and lust, beginning in a bedroom setting complete with cats and a Met Museum poster of Van Gogh's 1890 painting Irises—a composition blending domestic comfort with a hint of mental distress. Text described as "bones for a ghost" flows out of pillow-headed protagonists around video footage of suburban shopping malls, clouds and verandas, panning smoothly as if shot from the window of a moving car. "The occupation of this space is almost by accident", we hear the hypnotic voice say, co-opting the listener into scenes of seduction or, in the next instance, sinister-sounding territories of "murders and components". 
See the work. Read the interview with Rooney, as well.