Rhizome Today: Conversations at the Edge (of a Square)


A very odd promotional image for the FlexScan EV2730Q

This is Rhizome Today for Friday, November 21, 2014.

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[Editor's Note: We offer Rhizome Today contributors a variety of formats to use in writing their ephemeral post. An IM chat is one.]

Dragan Espenscheid: EIZO announces square monitor:  http://www.eizoglobal.com/press/releases/htmls/ev2730q.html

Zachary Kaplan: I don't get it.

DE: 1:1 ratio like a Blackberry screen

ZK: Ok, I get it, but, as we've been taught, the cinema screen is the screen above all.

ZK: 16:9

ZK: or whatever.

DE: Most users don't watch video all day though.

ZK: Ah, yes, as I see on the site:

ZK: "The extended vertical space is convenient for displaying large amounts of information in long windows, reducing the need for excess scrolling and providing a more efficient view of data."


DE: I want one for sure.

ZK: But Dragan

ZK: You're an artist.

DE: The cinema format is so lame because it is optimized for not moving your eyes.

ZK: Can u expand?

DE: Cinema is supposed just to fill out your whole view and to take in the "complete picture."

ZK: Whereas a square, you're like, "why is this a square?", and then u pay attention?

DE: On the square, I can let my eyes wander.

ZK: ah. hrm.

ZK: Still think this sounds like an office piece....

ZK: Are there any artworks or other media things you think would look particularly good in this format?

DE: I believe it is more interactive, gives a viewer more power.


ZK: Ha. Yes. Any mobile phone type thing, right? Which is based on the scroll paradigm?

DE: Casio WQV10 photo exhibition.
DE: No, vine and insta just chose square because it is the same no matter how you rotate the device

ZK: Well, I don't think either rotate, tbh.

ZK: Classic Blackberry owner comment.
ZK: Tho I'm starting to see the FEED use for this... but then I'm still like, "just scroll!" 
DE: Well, touch screens *and* device rotation weren't worth all the trouble.

ZK: (Btw, I like the kind of opiate of the masses take on cinema you're plying here. Very Kracauer.)

ZK: (Very anti-authoritarian.)
ZK: Is the square computer anarchist?

DE: It is not consumerist for a start. 

DE: The best exhibition for this format would be Olia's collection of transparent web pixels.

ZK: Nice.
ZK: Oh wait, one last q

ZK: is this happening only now?

ZK: Is it hard to make a square monitor?

ZK: Or is the market so fractured, individualized, it only made sense to make one now?
DE: If you read the comments on tech blogs announcing this monitor, lots of users speak up that they had enough of 16:9 or 21:9 because what they need to see expands below that format.

DE: The market for screens is actually shockingly homogeneous, with everything being 16:9 or wider.

DE: I don't think other formats are more difficult to make
ZK: Well — I'm happy for people who need this. The market should meet every need! 

Editor's Note: During the editing process, this last minute comment was added:
Scott Meisburger: LCD panels are manufactured in giant sheets and then sliced up. I've read that the recent move to 16:9 everything (which is further from the golden ratio than the original Apple Cinema 16:10) has to do with normalizing the assembly. because all the panels are really made by 1 or 2 companies in Asia.

SM: ^^ pro tip