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The Download is a new program through which Rhizome shares one work per month for free download. Part curatorial platform, part incentive to budding digital art collectors, the Download highlights new works and encourages display at home-on any screen, computer, or suitable device.

>get >put - an exhibition download (2012)

198 MB, package variable media files in 6 folders

>get >put – an exhibition download contains the work of six uploaders and downloaders produced for >get >put at little berlin in Philadelphia, PA. >get >put is an exploration of the interplay between the physical, social and digital spaces of networked culture. Installed as a series of digital compositions anchored in spatiotemporal objects, the work focuses around the fundamental shared behaviors of ‘downloading’ and ‘uploading’ that support our networked world. The exhibition exists in two parts – as digital compositions installed in HTML for this download, and as physical pieces produced for the exhibition’s installation.

Artists include:

Alexandra Gorczynski is an uploader with identity at the core of her contribution. She uses digital compositions and video to create an unabashed surface aesthetic, producing installations to screen the fruit of her downloads. Contributed work: "Top 100 for Women" (2012) video in response to a book produced for the show titled "The Internet for Women" (2012) and "Untitled" (2012) video preview of the mixed media piece "Tidal Wave" (2012) installed for the exhibition.

A. Bill Miller is a downloader consuming the grid, processing and producing work through function and error of machine. These forms examine the blurred boundary between the machine and the human - the tool of data collection and the interpretive mind. Contributed work: 'gridworks_walldrawing2' (2012) ASCII segment, HTML browser composition and image rendering of the piece installed for the exhibition.

Benjamin Farahmand is a downloader who uploads by virtue of the machine, producing code to get from the exhibition space and put into digital compositions. He composes programmatically in real-time, uploading his work as it is compiled. Contributed work: Parsed text of ‘Flatlands’ and image rendering of ‘Earth Rise’ processed with code, both produced for “Lo and Behold, I am become as a God” (2012) installed for the exhibition.

Giselle Zatonyl is an uploader rendering the world she has downloaded from far-reaching corners of digital space into 3D models. She composes video from within the digital space her objects inhabit, they materialize as found-object sculptural installation. Contributed work: ‘The Internet’ (2012) video produced within a three-dimensional model, along with the digital object itself, which is a rendering of a readymade functional system produced for the exhibition.

Derek Frech is an uploader importing basic forms from the natural world into digital space, where laws of nature become mutable. He produces objects which are deeply concerned with the constraints of physical space, yet refuse to comply. Contributed work: ‘modem/router rock (camo version)’ (2012) image from the object produced for the exhibition.

Travess Smalley is an uploader who takes the physical object as his starting point, scanning forms into digital space for experimentation. An essential part of his computer practice is the movement between the import and the export, as he explores digital work through installation in material reality. Contributed work: ‘head of a peasant - kazimir malevich’ image from a zine ‘helmet mask with praying mantis and other masterpiece reproductions that I’ve scanned’ 2nd edition (2012), both produced as material objects for the exhibition.

Download Archive

>get >put – an exhibition download is an installation of digital compositions produced by the artists in tandem with their physical pieces for the exhibition. In this download the work is installed in HTML to give the viewer easy access to each piece. View the work in the HTML by opening “index.html” in your browser, or open each work file directly to view. In some cases a text file(.txt) can be found within the artist’s folder with more information on their work.

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