At once IRL and URL, Rhizome commissions, exhibits, preserves, and creates critical discussion around art engaged with digital culture.

Jacolby Satterwhite, Music for Objective Romance (2015). A 2015 Rhizome Commission.


Rhizome instigates the creation of significant new artworks through direct funding to artists, presentation opportunities, and staff support for the production process. Additionally, Rhizome underwrites five new browser-based works each year with its targeted Net Art Microgrants initiative.

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Rhizome presents solo, historical, and thematic exhibitions. First Look: New Art Online, copresented with the New Museum, is the primary exhibitions program, a regular series of browser-based projects and commissions. Collection is a series of explorations of net art history and themes, drawn from Rhizome's archive of more than 2,000 born-digital artworks.

Seven on Seven

This flagship program pairs visionary artists and technologists and challenges them to make something: an artwork, a product, whatever they imagine. Their collaboration is then unveiled at a major public event. 

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Ai Weiwei and Jacob Appelbaum collaborate for the 2015 edition of Seven on Seven, as captured in 'The Art of Dissent' by Laura Poitras.

PWR Studio, #1 (trustless), 0x9ab9f7a4b85412bfbe2f4f63b1c98808851c4f32, Tongersestraat 42a, Maastricht, NL, 9/10 2015. Courtesy of the artists. Photograph of Bitcoin mining rig, for the Rhizome event Blockchain Horizons.


Public programs by Rhizome—primarily presented at the New Museum in New York City, and live-streamed at—comprise panels and critical conversation about art and technology, presentations of commissioned work, and more.

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Rhizome commissions critical writing at the intersection of art and technology, supporting new thought about artistic practice under the conditions of networked culture, and the cultural implications of new technologies.

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Robert M. Ochshorn, The App and the Territory (2014)

Digital Preservation

Rhizome's digital preservation program supports social memory for internet users and networked cultures through the creation of free and open source software tools that foster decentralized and vernacular archives, while ensuring the growth of and continuing public access to the Rhizome ArtBase, a collection of 2,000+ born-digital artworks.