Since 2007

1991 creation of the studio community Stahl & Farbe/ Steel & Color, autodidactic, educating contemporary artists.
Henning Block
Born 1961 in Glueckstadt, learned smith, restored later old timer and sport wagons, in order to then discover 1988 his actual appointment to the iron former and metal sculptor.
Among his first work filigree wire-and steel sheet things, anatomical deadhead´s, mobile flying prehistoric reptiles and a steel dragon. Autodidact. Contemporary artist.

Sylvia Aevermann
Born 1966 in Stadensen, felt drawn from earliest childhood to the painting, made however, there it applied an occupation to learn, a formation in the social occupation, in order to then return 1987 finally to the painting and Art.
First large sized oil picture - apart from the youth pictures -, Live Action Paintings in connection with music, "whip pictures" and leather creations developed. Autodidact. Contemporary artist.