Ziv Lazar
Since 2007
Works in London United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

I have been involved with New Media for the past 10 years, both professionally
and as a hobby. I enjoy experimenting with visuals that capture the imagination
and interact with the viewer.
While I was studying multimedia, art and animation, my projects were about
interacting with the screen and using it as just another object in the space rather
than the only object of focus. As part of this interest I started working as an
animator in a laser show company because lasers gave me the ability to
experiment with animation and light in true space. With lasers I was able to stage
my work in front of hundreds (sometimes thousands) of people who were able to
interact with the light beams. This got even better with the technical ability to
produce 3D lasers in space. Later on in my career (and as shooting lasers at
people’s faces became illegal) I moved to on-line games and training (eLearning)
as a way of interacting with people. This was my path into education, structural
training programmes and information architecture (which are healthier ways of
Today I work with web based information architecture and help to make these
systems become more user friendly. As part of this study I have developed an
application I call the "Hypervideo Player" which enables the users to input text
based on scenes they remember from films. The application then finds those
words that are spoken in the film and moves the play-head to those scenes, all
in real-time. As everyone remembers a loved scene in a film in a different way
the interaction with the application reconstructs the film in new way. The
audience are the VJ!
One of my recent projects involves working with young people as a digital media
facilitator in high crime rate areas of South East London. This is a fascinating way
to understand new ways of achieving interaction in a social environment. Young
people today are exposed to interactive games, mobile phones and have a
interesting understanding of interaction. By teaching young people and giving
them the skills to visually express themselves I hope to find new ways to explore
the future of new media and interactivity. In my current projects, amongst other
things, I use mobile phones as my subject of interest as every kid has one and
these every day items hold valuable capabilities for interaction, communication
and information.