Ziad Zitoun
Works in Beja Tunisia

Ziad Zitoun is a contemporary visual artist. He does a interdisciplinary work with video art, installations and mixed-medias. He starts his creations in 2004 with Videoart. He follow with videodance works, photography and mixed-medias documents.

Ziad Zitoun composes about recurrent socials thematics of immigrants & human rights. His semantic turn around topics of migrants rights, trans-borders movements, refugees history…
those works speaks about human rights and condition of people in movement. As a Tunisian immigrant’s child living in Europe, he wish to take care about fundamental rights of clandestine people. Grown between two Mediterranean’s sea sides, he try to create bridges among communities.

The author lines up with minimal and abstract forms. In that direction he studies about Zelij patterns, stamping & ceramics. Ziad Zitoun mix languages for gathering lines and patterns to allow a social message with a strong visual narration.