Zach Fried
Since 2003
Works in Brooklyn United States of America

Moosewood Consulting, LLC:
— Communication and campaign assistance for environmental organizations
For environmental organizations, we offer help in engaging audiences meaningfully. Experience in both advertising and environmental psychology provide a foundation for an effective environmental communications strategy.
— Sustainability solutions for businesses, schools, and families
We offer sustainability consulting for organizations of any size. With over ten years of experience working on environmental issues, we can smoothly and affordably transition businesses toward carbon neutrality.

Earth Day Resolutions:
— A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization formed to address the need for the general public to begin adopting environmentally responsible behaviors. In recognition that past efforts in this realm have had mixed success, this project uses promising ideas from the study of cognition, behavior, and “bright green” environmentalism to overcome traditional barriers to behavior change.

Graphic Design & Macintosh IT:
— 12+ years experience as independent Macintosh Consultant
— 6+ years experience in creative studio environments
— 9+ years experience in graphic design & retouching
— 10+ years as professional photographer

sustainability consulting, communications strategy, Macintosh consulting and repair, digital studio setup and consulting, retouching, photography, graphic design