Yuliya Lanina
Since 2009

Yuliya Lanina was born in Moscow and immigrated to the United States as a young adult. Lanina creates alternate realities in her videos, ones based on sexuality, fetishism, and identity. Creating one of her videos is a laborious process that can last up to a year from start to finish, with the artist deciding and executing all aspects related to the finished project. The result is similar to the minutiae and layering of a Hieronymous Bosch painting, an artist of particular interest to Lanina, for whom multiple viewings of the work are essential to capture and understand the action unfolding before the viewer’s eyes.
All of Lanina’s characters are dolls and toys made out of dissembled parts that have been restructured with other found objects, with the final work having a particularly provoking visual presentation - they are both dainty and disturbing, and the viewer is simultaneously drawn in and repelled by her creations. Lanina’s modifications are visual and electronic, turning these dolls plus found objects into robotic creatures with altered functional capabilities.
Sound plays an important role in Lanina’s videos and stages, with her creations modified such that they have the capability of emitting sound, with a score composed by the artist included in her films.