yueh hsiu giffen Cheng
Since 2006
Works in Sydney Taiwan, Province of China

Throughout the life of art creation, countless ups, downs and unpredictable variables await; the constant pursuit of breakthroughs for exceeding thyself will therefore never end. Creating art, writing and educating young people are the three elements that enrich my life. The creation of art allows me to communicate with my own soul and to inspire
ideas in me about every trifle in my life. Writing to me is a way of simmering down and sorting out my thoughts. During the process of writing, I am often struck with the fact
that I have so little knowledge. This awareness therefore urges me to never slack off. As far as I'm concerned, educating young people is like a farmer irrigating the seedlings. It requires all-time patience and commitment. Although the fruitage might not be perfect, it is definitely worth committing oneself to educating our younger generations." (Yueh Hsiu Giffen Cheng)

Yueh Hsiu Giffen Cheng is a Taiwanese New Media artist, researcher and writer based in Sydney (Australia). She completed a master of "Visual Arts in Digital Art" at the Australian National University and is now writing a doctoral thesis at the University of Technology, Sydney (Australia). She has edited a series of books and papers on New Media Art and contributed to various exhibitions like "Computing Art Works Show" (Australia, November 2000), "You & I" (Australia, March 2001), "To Ponder the Moment" (Taiwan, February 2002) and “The Game of Color Changing” (Taiwan, October 2002). Her online-portfolio is available on http://giffenspace.blogspot.com.
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Tue Jan 01, 2008 00:00 - Tue Jan 01, 2008

Artist: Yueh Hsiu Giffen Cheng

CyberFortune not only has examined the folk culture of fortune-telling itself, but also the phenomenon of the combination of folk culture and digital culture, particularly how people’s behaviour has changed throughout the hi-tech era. Carl Gustav Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious and synchronicity, and the discoveries on binary arithmetic by Leibniz are indeed ideas that have assisted me in understanding the rationality of fortune-telling, and the way of finding patterns within the Internet.

There is an interesting contradiction between fortune-telling and the Internet: firstly, fortune-telling is considered a traditional analog transmitter/medium, while the Internet is built based on advanced hi-tech digital logic. Secondly, fortune-telling deals with the actual social life of individuals, while by contrast, the Internet creates a virtual life for avatar beings. Furthermore, fortune-telling is particularly focused on subjective identity whereas the Internet recognizes codes and IP addresses from each computer rather than users. Although originating from ancient times, fortune-telling is a behaviour that is still actively performed within modern hi-tech society. Accordingly, the practice of fortune telling has become an indispensable basic element for constructing “interactive” net behaviour with users. While appreciating the traditional lore, one is also experiencing at the same time an alternative digital form that combines ancient and technological fortune-telling.

Please visit http://www.cyberfortune.info to experience an adventure journey of fortune-telling.