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Yoshi Sodeoka is a multidisciplinary artist and musician based in New York City. Over the past decade, his projects have been exhibited across the world (London's Tate Britain, New York city's Deitch Projects, Stockholm's Galleri Jonas Kleerup, Paris' Festival Némo, Baltimore Museum of Art, Scope Art Fair, New York City, London's OneDotZero, Portland's Floating World Animation Fest, Boston's Lumen Eclipse, Barcelona's Sonar Festival, Haifa Museum Israel, San Sebastian’s GlasKultur, The Creative Time Holiday Light Show at New York’s Grand Central Terminal, Berlin's Transmediale, Poland's Krakow Film Festival, WNET Reel NY.). Sodeoka has received grants from the likes of the Greenwall foundation and his work is part of the permanent collections of the San Francisco MoMA and New York's Museum of the Moving Image.
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Re: Re: http://www.c404.tv/


it's very interesting that people picked this up and talking about it now.. this is my very old piece. I made this piecce about 4 years ago.

just to clarify... yes, a lot of code was borrowed from sites such as Flashkit and other actionscript tutorial sites. Thre's no denying. however none from levitated.net. I don't think I was aware of his work back in 2001. Now, I am familar with Jared Tarbell and I'm a fan but I absolutely used none of his code in this project.




TJ ODonnell wrote:

> yoshi sodeoka wrote:
> > this digital psychedelic piece means to provoke viewers to judge
> > whether noise is just noise, or noise could be pleasantly presented
> in
> > this format. Total of 60 minutes, visual and audio non-sense.
> I like it, I was mesmerized by the tones and surprised when they
> changed (kind of like white noise with a kick!)
> however,
> I am afraid to say that most of the "code" appears to have been
> borrowed from http://levitated.net
> Jared Tarbell has been producing those "iterations" for the past four
> years--(he makes the code available for free in the "open source"
> section) I am a huge fan of his and that is why my mouth dropped when
> I viewed this piece and saw so many of his experiments contained
> within and no mention of his name anywhere on the piece.


Fwd: RNC Video Project >> Website!

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> From: ryan junell <ryan@texasmonkey.com>
> Date: May 26, 2004 11:27:02 PM EDT
> Subject: RNC Video Project >> Website!
> check out: http://www.junell.net
> I finally got some research done and built a one-pager for my
> Republican National Convention Video Project coming up in the late
> summer. I'm sending this to you because I think you're a brilliant
> resource to draw on for useful wisdom and intelligence. This is very
> much a community project.
> - Please reply and comment critically about the way this thing is
> presented and positioned.
> - Please send this around to your friends in grants and funding
> organizations that might see this as a project they'd like to take
> under their wing, partially or wholly.
> - Please send this around to your talented friends who would like to
> participate as a crewmember
> I'm terribly, wonderfully turned on about this project! the more I
> research the elements that add up to this event, the more excited I
> get about creating an amazing media document. please let me know what
> you think.
> --
> Ryan.Junell
> RNC.Video.Project...www.junell.net...415.320.2487