Yoko Higashi
Since 2008
Works in Hyogo,Japan Japan

Yoko Higashi is Japanese illustrator (illustration-artist), and, she is amateur's songwriter, poet.

Yoko Higashi was born in Hyogo Prefecture in Japan as first child of a Higashi family on December 20, 1974.
She liked a drawing , singing, dancing, etc. from the childhood.

However, it was the course of the illustrator (illustration-artist) which she chose in these.

The drawing works of Yoko Higashi was broadcast at the NHK broadcasting station in Japan in 1983.
This work already got other prizes.
(rank : "fine works")

The announcement of the illustration (illustration-art) work by Yoko Higashi is expanded to the Internet in 2006.

And, she liked writing a text the blog of the title "Yoko Higashi-CELESTIAL FORTUNE" was written until it ended in September, 2008 (all Japanese language).

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Zodiac sign:

The style of a picture:

It's hand-drawing, altogether fundamentally.
However, a drawing pattern changes by mass-media.

Yoko Higashi's policy :"My technical shape is established."

Publishing media list(in Japan)

●Daito company(1993)
●Asahi Sonorama(2003)
●Sankei Shimbun pamphlet(2003~)
●Sankei Shimbun morning newspaper(2003~2006)
●Mainichi Shimbun morning newspaper(2003~2005)
●Broccoli free paper(2004)
●Yomiuri Shimbun evening newspaper(2004)
●Aret publication(2004)
●Gakken Co. Ltd.(2004~)
●Yomiuri life(2004)
●Nippon Bungei company(2004)
●Seibundo Shinkosha(2005~2006)
●Sankei Shimbun evening newspaper(2004~)
●Other illustration contest etc.