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a materialistic life


a materialistic life

i have once again come to the conclusion that things are unfathomable.
one should go to the beach more and stay there. out of the water.

i no longer like to swim at the beach.
with the innocence of water and the fury of the hurricane.

a rose.


Re: ................map

[marc jammin]

The free are so, by, not paying attention to (the) time.

Freedom is timeless.

Freedom is a timeless quality.

The US does not own it.
Its in rags. one here, one piece there, one there.

Like habitable universes.

10 nov 2003

-----Original verses-----
From: marc
Sent: Saturday, March 20, 2004 7:50 AM


my eyes scan a pan
scan the map
intersections are placed
onto the page

objectively surveyed
roads interweave
connecting places

buildings and places
letters inscribe names of places
updated map
has erazed the past
and once known spaces
where people once...trod

this map
a recording
of present time
and place

and present space
does not trace
the movements
of feet...

Some older work (psychogeographic poetry)


Re: Distributed creativity

Your comment might be a bit tongue-in-cheek, but taken seriously it's a
generalization. I actually don't filter people out on lists even when I
know, generally speaking, what perspectives they are (usually) coming
from. Its because I do take the time to read what they have to say. I
check my predictability algorithm here. There are always fresh new
things although a lot is also predictable.

The problem I was having with DC mails wasn't just about who was saying
what, but what they continue to say in an exchange. (is it still patrick
who is saying this, maybe the initials are in the introduction of the
moderators... ) When someone is explaining a position in 2 or 3
successive emails, if these emails are as anonymous as the replies and
other observatory emails (having no author identity at all) it does
become a tangled web. One can follow threads only as part of text of
emails by any number of people (that is by going thru them) without any
differentiation of author id. My guess is its not deliberately done on
the DC list - it might be the crossposting eliminating the whole header,
that might be the problem. The emails are anonymized probably without
authorial consent! (unless they have a signature)

Anonymity on new lists, or established aliases on older lists are
equally good if one wants to say something anonymously. Also one can
always sign up with another id, as people were doing anyway earlier this

Unrelated to this it was unfortunate that people started having
meaningless arguments. One had to start ignoring a lot of those
kandinkii-joseph mails hoping the exchange would die away. Also the
introduction of membership fees had a predictable thining out effect.


Re: Distributed creativity

I'd hate to agree w you but I don't.

-----Original Message-----
From: Eryk Salvaggio

Otherwise we may be forced to read and agree with people we never read
and but know we don't agree with.


Re: Distributed creativity

The senders name is not appearing when the DC-3 message comes thru Raw,
as you might have noticed. You can't tell who's saying what. Can this be
remedied? Thx.