Yann Le Guennec
Since the beginning
Works in France

Yann Le Guennec is a visual artist, born 1968 in Brittany, France, where he lives and works.

He holds a Master Degree in Fine Arts from ESA Lorient. He was cofounder and worked for x-arn from 1998 to 2003. He teached at L'École de design Nantes Atlantique from 2001 to 2010.

His current artistic work is based on simple instructions that involve geometric compositions. These instructions are carried out in the form of photographs of arrangements made with available objects and materials in his local environment, and / or digital pictures modified by online softwares. These softwares use available data, mainly the IP addresses of devices that connected to his website.

The set of generated pictures constitutes a visual research on the existence of margins of freedom and action within a defined framework of rules and constraints. While in the extension of conceptual practices like those from Sol LeWitt, Claude Rutault, or algorithmic visual games from François Morellet, the various embodiments are an exploration of possible contexts allowing the existence of a contemporary art practice, mixing analog and digital, included in some banality of an everyday life that is not devoid of poetry.

Selected group exhibitions

2009 - TOOL BOX (as part of the exhibition ‘Urban Ping Pong’ curated by Emmanuel Ropers). Galerie Fernand Leger. Centre d'art contemporain d'Ivry, France.
2009 - Si j’avais un marteau!, base d'Appui d'Entre-deux, Nantes, France.
2008 - TOOL BOX. Commissariat: Jacques Rivet, Marie-Laure Viale, Ghislain Mollet-Viéville et Christian Ruby. base d'Appui d'Entre-deux, Nantes, France.
2007 - The Latency of the Moving Image in New Media. Curated by Eduardo Navas. Telic Arts Exchange, Los Angeles, USA

Selected publication

« Metaphor of the Merchant’s Table », /seconds, issue 10: 03/2009. ISSN 1751-4134. Useless Beauty and Fuzzy Logic: correlations of violence.

Selected bibliography

Barker, Tim. "Error, the Unforeseen, and the Emergent: The Error and Interactive Media Art." M/C Journal 10.5 (2007). 21 Jun. 2010 http://journal.media-culture.org.au/0710/03-barker.php
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Re: New Membership Policy

Rob Myers wrote:

>Yay! A more open Rhizome! This is great!
>Thanks to everyone who's worked to make this happen.
>- Rob.
Yes, it's nice to be there again. And for those who are angry about the
artbase, don't forget you still can have a free und unrestricted access
here ;-) :


"This is not a cloned object"

The first purpose of this work is to provide a simplified access to
artworks contained in the Rhizome Artbase. Using Artbase parameters such
as art object identifiers, the work focuses on anonymity wich can emerge
from the relatively large amount of artworks. Furthermore, it's an
illustration of the possible relations between interfaces and a database
as described by Lev Manovich : "The new media object consists of one or
more interfaces to a database of multimedia material. If only one
interface is constructed, the result will be similar to a traditional
art object; but this is an exception rather than the norm."





looking for a URL


I'm looking for an online work i saw some years ago and can't find today. Here is a brief description of the work:

- 2 black and white images
- the first one is showing wastes (i think)
- the second one is an evolution of the first one : every time someone request the file, a black pixel is randomly added to the image, like in an erosion process. (Second image is the result of a CGI script )

If anyone has some information about this work and can post it to the list or reply to sender, it will be really fine...