ximena labra
Since 2005
Works in Barcelona Spain


Ximena Labra :

Born in Mexico City, 1972, Artist, curator, graphic designer and illustrator. Since 1999 I moved to Barcelona with a grant from the National Fund for Culture and Arts (FONCA) to do an MA on Art and Ephemeral Architecture,and continue to live there.

Her work has been exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Oaxaca, Mexico, Chopo Museum México, Centro de Arte Santa Mónica, Barcelona, The Embassy of Mexico in Madrid, FAD, Barcelona, Estampa Madrid, Artexpo Barcelona, BAC Barcelona, La Panadería Mexico, Aroma Berlin, 2x afstaand Holland, Coldcreation Barcelona, Canada and others.

Publishings: “Barcelona +” Actar, Spain2002, “ABCDF” Mexico2002 , “Salmones Contracorriente! Index Book, 2004 “and magazines such as Matiz 1998,, Harper’s Bazaar, and many wonderful, collector’s and object-zines and art magazines nobody ever heard of.

Her actual projects involve installation, net.art, photography, objects, curatorship and interactive media, as well as network development and design in collaboration with people from other disciplines.